Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The first day of our visit, Winterlude didn't open until 1:00 pm because of the warmer temperatures the week previous. We decided to go to Jacques Cartier park on the Quebec side. It worked out great because it's a short walk from the Museum of Civilization. So we spent the morning at the museum and headed to winterlude after. It was crowded but manageable. Gorgeous day. 

We couldn't visit Ottawa without trying out Beaver Tails. Grannie had prepared the kids prior for the mouth watering sugarary, cinnamon goodness. Mason fell in love! I now have the daunting task of trying to replicate them at home! Could I possibly make a gluten free version. Highly doubtful!

There were three ice slides and one with individual shutes. Heinrich tried this one on his own and had a blast.

Here's Heinrich and the kids sliding down with Karin and her gang. Mickey usually ended up in some kind of heap with her hat half off. 

Here's a few of the snow sculptures which were entries from the provincial teams.

Here's our little friend Chase and our friend (his Dad) Brad. Look at that face. What a cutie!

There's Brad, Casey and Chase trying the run. I think Chase is in there somewhere!


amanda said...

oscar and i used to live in ottawa, and always talked about how much fun it would be to take our kids to winterlude. maybe next year! it won't be quite the same for me though, without being able to have a beavertail ;)

gardening gal said...

Winterlude is on our list too! It looks like you guys had a great time!