Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eat, See, Hear, Taste, & Feel

As you can tell, our co-op day today was on our 5 senses. Our leader led us through an activity filled exploration of our 5 senses. I couldn't believe how much we covered. We even looked at anatomical illustrations of the ear, eye, etc... The two favourite activities were probably putting the flame out with wave vibrations and tasting the 4 different flavours using our taste buds!

After lunch and the last two senses we ventured outside to enjoy the snow before it melted AGAIN! A thaw is coming! We went toboganning which was loads of fun. Mickey was having a very hard time being patient. We then went trekking through the woods with a few sleds for the little ones. Beautiful walk! Of course the moms ended up being reindeer and having to pull one, two or sometimes three kids!

We hurried home around 3pm and had a quick dinner and got ready for parent's night at swimming lessons. I was pleasantly surprised to note that the water was WARM. Whew! Mason has apparently really improved and Mickey is good at putting her face in the water. No fear!

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