Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine Day with Grannie

Grannie wanted to do something special with the kids for Valentine's Day so I suggested Build-A-Bear after Mason noticed it in the mall the other day. We had lunch out together and then one at a time Grannie took them into the store for the Build a Bear experience. Mason went straight for the dog with the floopy ears and bypassed all bears! An employee took him over to the stuffing machine and they went through the whole process of choosing hearts and kissing the hearts and then putting them inside the bear. She stuffed the bear and then sewed it up. She then sent him to the washing station where he was able to fluff up his teddy. Then he chose some clothes (a car shirt and jean shorts) and was able to put them on in the dressing area. Grannie suggested that he get glasses as well. After that we made up a birth certificate and he chose the name Spot!

It was Mickey's turn next. She had originally chose a bright pink sparkly bear but then she saw a purple and blue hippo and it was love at first sight. She was insistent and would not change her mind. We all couldn't move fast enough to get that hippo stuffed! After the stuffing she picked out a pink outfit (skirt and top) and we made up a birth certificate for the name Lily. The bears were put in boxes and off we went. They played for 4 hours with these teddies after we got home!! It was a great Grannie fun day!

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