Sunday, February 24, 2008

Should have gotten the flu shot!!

Well I guess I should have gone for the flu shot. Last week we were hit hard with the stomach flu. Mickey came down with it on the Saturday and I was just feeling quesy. Probably from all the clean up! She was so sick. All she did was lie in bed all day. I think she was achy and feverish. Sunday everyone seemed o.k. Through the night though I came down hard with it. Monday was horrible as Mason became ill as well. Lucky for me though I had my fantastic husband around to care for the two of us. There was no way that I could have made it anywhere other than my bed or bathroom. The aches and pains with the fever were horrible. Anyhow, it's taken both Mason and I almost 6 days to feel like ourselves after this. Anyhow, we have lots of work to do this week.

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